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How to save money on your next hostel stay?

How to save money on your next hostel stay?

By Aquib Nawab

07 Jun, 2024

Are you planning for your next trip but worried about the expenses? Worry no more!

Staying in hostels is an amazing opportunity to explore new places without emptying your wallet. Hostels are a budget-friendly accommodation option that do not sacrifice comfort or community vibes whether you are a seasoned backpacker or first-time traveller.

In order to help you save as much money as possible and get the best hostel experience ever, we have put together this ultimate guide on how to choose cheap hostels for your next stay.

Meanwhile, The Hosteller is India's largest backpacking hostel chain and it stands out as a top choice for budget-friendly and dynamic stays across India. You can check out their page by clicking on the link here. 

1. Book directly through hostel website

Among the best ways to save on your stay in a hostel is through booking directly from their website. Most third-party booking sites charge commission fees thus raising the cost of your booking. Booking directly will not only give you competitive rates but also allow one to access some offers that cannot be found anywhere else.

Pro tip: Look out for special discounts on their website provided by The Hosteller for direct bookings making reservations seamless. 

Scenes from The Hosteller Bhandardara, where adventre meets hospitality. (Credits: The Hosteller, Wayanad, Kerla)

2. Opt for dormitory rooms

If you are travelling alone or with friends who don’t mind sharing then dormitory rooms are what you need to look for. Among other things, dorms are cheaper compared to private rooms and provide an ideal opportunity to meet fellow travellers.

Hostel dorms offer a varitey of accommodation options ranging from 4-bed dorm to 10-bed dorm catering to a range of budgets.

Pro tip: The Hosteller has clean and comfortable dormitories across India that would fit within a particular budget while socialising throughout. 

10 bed spacious dorm at The Hosteller (Credits: The Hosteller, Bhandardara, Maharashtra)

3. Travel during the off-season

When it comes to saving money on accommodations, timing is everything. It is interesting that if one travels during low seasons then the expenditure on hostels can drastically fall down because prices usually rise so high due to demand at peak seasons thus off-season journeys can also save money and the opportunity to see places without crowds.

Pro tip: Plan your trip around Goa or Udaipur during the shoulder seasons (just before or after peak times) for lower rates and a more relaxed experience. 

Bonfire area (Credits: The Hosteller, Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand)

4. Look for long-term stay discounts

The cost of long term stay discounts that some hostels offer is much lower than if one stayed for an equal number of days at normal prices. In case you have enough time, it is better to book for a week or even longer so as to benefit from such kind of money saving schemes. For example,

Apart from being affordable; staying away from home on a long term basis allows one to learn about new cultures extensively and get immersed in them fully. For more information, check out the 10 Best Workation Spots.

Pro tip: The Hosteller offers a 20% discount on stays longer than 7 days. You can find fantastic delals on workation plans or extended stays on their website.

Book hostels online (Credits: Canva)

5. Use hostel membership programs

There are many hostel chains and networks with membership programs designed exclusively for members’ discounts among other things.

They also provide privileged packages like guranteed discounts, special vouchers, free early check in and check out facility after staying with them over time. These memberships are normally inexpensive and also enhance your travel experience by giving you priority.

Pro tip: You can checkout The Hosteller Commune membership for exclusive perks and savings on your next adventure.

6. Take advantage of free amenities

Some hostels do have special amenities like laundry services and in-house cafes which can be a good way to save some money. Be sure to take advantage of these amentities.

Pro tip: You can opt to use The Hosteller's Glu app, which allows you to conveniently order food onine, perfect for satisfying hunger during outings.

Workstation in garden (Credits: The Hosteller)

7. Join in hostel activities

Many hostels run activities for their guests including things like walking tours around town, party nights out at pubs, yoga classes or even cooking lessons. Often these are either free or cheap and provide an excellent chance to mingle while getting acquainted with the area without blowing your budget.

For more information on local activities and events, refer to Glu, our online concierge app, to find out what's happening in the area.

Pro tip: They frequently organise movie nights, playing games among others at The Hosteller. Participate in these events to enjoy yourself with newfound friends without spending too much money. 

Indoor games (Credits: The Hosteller)

8. Pack lightly

You don’t want extra baggage fees or an overstuffed suitcase while travelling. Travel light by only taking what you need and avoid these additional expenses entirely. Most hostels also have laundry facilities, meaning you can wash clothes during your stay instead of carrying countless items.

Speaking of packing smart, travellers should carry items such as reusable water bottles, travel-sized toiletries, and compact towels among others in order not to purchase them when already travelling.

Pro tip: Carry few clothes and avoid the hassle of paying extra at the airport. 

Packing for the next trip (Credits: Canva)

9. Be flexible with your travel dates

Being flexible about when you would like to travel could save quite some money for you. So if possible try not to travel during peak periods when everyone else is on such holidays or weekends. Middle of the week is usually less expensive while it gives more privacy since fewer people use facilities and corridors at this time.

Pro tip: Plan your stay on weekdays in The Hosteller where rates are low thus giving you a quiet environment.


Travelling does not have to be expensive. By using these tips outlined above, travellers can save money during hostel stays while getting all sorts of adventures along their journey.

If you are looking for a memorable yet cost-effective holiday, think about The Hosteller! Whether it’s the crowded streets of Bangalore or tranquil retreats of Rishikesh or even the greenery stretches of Coorg, your stay at this property would be perfect.

Book with The Hosteller on your next trip and experience a smart travel which is not only going to save you money but also make each moment enjoyable. Enjoy travelling!

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