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10 Essential summer safety tips for solo female travellers in India

10 Essential summer safety tips for solo female travellers in India

By Aquib Nawab

19 Jun, 2024

Going alone as a lady in India is an incredible experience. You get to meet so many people, learn about their cultures, and go to amazing places. However, as a solo female traveller in India, there are important safety issues that must be considered.

Nonetheless, with proper precautions, planning, and street smarts, your travel in India can be safe, memorable, and fun.

Here are 10 essential tips for female solo travellers to keep in mind while exploring India.

Research about your accommodation

As a lone woman travelling across India, you need to be very selective about where you stay.

One of the most important things you can do as a solo female traveller in India is research your accommodation extensively and choose it selectively.

Avoiding extremely remote or secluded hotels or hostels that have good security is always advised. Ensure the property has 24-hour staff by reading reviews for it and knowing all about it through the internet.

The Hosteller offers comfortable and safe hostels for your accommodation needs. For us your safety is the utmost priority. Here you will find clean rooms, 24/7 security and budget-friendly stays. This makes us the safest haven for female solo travellers.

Research about your accommodation(Credits: Canva)

Use ride-sharing apps for transport

For women travelling solo through this country, ride-sharing apps such as Uber or Ola are advisable, so one does not just have to pick up any taxi from the roadside.

Furthermore, while auto-rickshaws are generally fine for short rides within busy areas during the day, when they come around, save yourself some stress by using ride-share apps, especially at night or if it’s going to be long-distance travel, thus providing heightened safety, accountability, and peace of mind since you will also find out that the licence plate number matches what was indicated on the application, plus the driver's profile checks out too.

Rider Sharing App(Credits: Canva)

Avoid isolated spots

However, stick to crowded places, preferably markets and popular tourist spots, during daylight hours when sightseeing or shopping. Avoid very remote, isolated streets and regions, especially at night.

Busy areas like Connaught Place in Delhi, Colaba Causeway in Mumbai, and MG Road in Bangalore are generally fine during the day.

If going off-track, always pay extra attention to your surroundings. Stick to places with a strong police or security presence as well.

Gateway of India Well Populated(Credits: Canva)

Dress as per the occasion

Even though India has some of the most modern cities on earth, a lot of small towns and villages still uphold traditional values.

Females should dress conservatively and keep their shoulders and knees covered so as not to attract unwanted attention. Dress modestly and respect local customs by avoiding clothes that are too revealing.

Additionally, expensive jewellery should be avoided since it may make a person prone to being robbed. Always have a scarf handy for covering your head when visiting holy sites where it is mandatory. By blending in with local practices, you can enhance your safety and avoid harassment.

Dressing as Per the Occasion(Credits: Canva)

Be mindful while taking drinks

As a woman travelling alone abroad, you have to be mindful while having a drink. Don’t take drinks from strangers or get drunk publicly at bars while hanging around with people you don’t know well yet, despite having come across them elsewhere.

Only drink moderately if you are in established hotels or lounges; never leave your drink unattended all through the entire time you will be drinking alcohol; and the same applies to food shared by strangers since drug spiking, for instance, has been reported occasionally across India.

As an independent female traveller, decide how much alcohol is acceptable for you by yourself based on the circumstances at hand, then act accordingly.

Mindful Drinking(Credits: Canva)

Carry a phone and a portable charger

Whenever you are in India, it is always good to have a mobile phone that is charged up and also an additional battery pack for emergencies. Buy an Indian SIM card, which will give you access to data anywhere and enable you to use apps like Google Maps to get around.

Make sure the phone has enough battery throughout the day. Also, get emergency safety applications such as SafetiPin on your device that allow GPS tracking of unsafe areas of cities or can be used by police when they are needed. Never receive calls in secluded spots, which might expose you to mobile snatching.

Girl Having a Phone(Credits: Canva)

Learn basic self-defence techniques

Consider taking an introductory self-defence class that focuses on things like attacking eyes, kicking, and striking with elbows—all of which can put off attackers using their own weaknesses against them.

Although there is a minimal chance of physical assault among foreign women travellers who take precautions in India, learning these few basic moves gives empowerment.

You probably won't need them, but just know that training yourself to defend builds confidence in dealing with any situation. Check if personal alarms are legal for carrying around; otherwise, carry a small one anyway.

Self Defence(Credits: Canva)

Be extra vigilant on public transit

Unfortunately, physical harassment does happen often on crowded buses and trains. Always carry bags on the front side of your body and assertively reject the advances of molesters. If possible, move towards the ladies compartment.

Sit next to the driver or conductor and let them know when it happens, as well as face abuse from strangers. Avoid empty train cars; never sleep; one eye is always open. A more crowded transit system requires increased vigilance than usual; valuables must be kept hidden and bags close by.

Public Transit(Credits: Canva)

Connect with other female travellers

Join forums such as Indiamik.com, where women travellers post questions about destinations and seek advice from others who are travelling to similar places in India. Besides being fun, travelling with other women can also improve security. You can watch your back, especially where you choose to spend the night. Similarly, there are many Indian travel sites dedicated to females in India that will help you meet people to travel with. Sometimes having a woman friend, even for a short time, enhances safety greatly.

Travelling with Fellow Female Travellers(Credits: Canva)

Register with your embassy

Any foreign tourist travelling to India must register at the embassy of their home country while in India so they may be contacted in case of an emergency or any problem. They may as well provide assistance and resources if you experience trouble while travelling alone as a lady.

Bring the Embassy's contact information along during your trip to India just to have added confidence if something arises.

Registering with Embassy(Credits: Canva)

India is a great adventure destination for solo female travellers, but they should take precautions first. To ensure maximum safety, it is important to avoid lonely places at night, dress modestly, keep an eye on what happens inside public vehicles, and carry a mobile phone. Knowing other ladies and acquiring self-defence tactics will make one more confident. The right state of mind, which includes situational awareness, will make the exploration across amazing India safe and transformative forever. Just be smart about where you go by following your gut feeling when it comes to unsafe areas and enjoying yourself!

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