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Reasons To Visit Dehradun If You're Looking To Backpack

Reasons To Visit Dehradun If You're Looking To Backpack

By Sohini Chaudhary

15 Mar, 2023

Dehradun, or Doon as most locals refer to it, is a small town popularly known as Devbhoomi or Devo-Ki-Bhoomi. It is located in the Uttarakhand state's Garhwal area. Dehradun has always been a little city in India, but it has a compelling aura that draws visitors from all over the world. Similarly, travellers from within the nation are pulled towards its lyrical and serene surroundings. Any Doonite who is asked about life in Dehradun will undoubtedly become sentimental and describe the city as a morally upright, picturesque, and peaceful town. Here is a list of some amazing factors that contribute to Dehradun's soulful way of life.


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Here Are A Few Reasons To Visit Dehradun If You're Looking For Peace -

The Climate


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Dehradun has long drawn visitors from around the nation because of its pleasant climate. The hilly region of Dehradun, which is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, is endowed with a temperate environment that brings with it unforeseen drizzles, sunny winters, and, oh, the town's blossoming spring. The soul-satisfying aspects of Dehradun include the cool winds kissing your cheeks, the fresh Himalayan scent following a summer downpour, the calm hilltop atmosphere, and a ride through the cool neighbourhoods of Premnagar, Garhi Cantt, Vasant Vihar, Jakhan, etc.

Peace And Quiet  


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In major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, all you might see is a sea of people hurrying through daily life. However, when in Dehradun, you have the opportunity to stroll through the quiet alleyways and colonial areas of the town. You can live an uninterrupted existence in many different contexts. To relax and just get lost in your thoughts without having to deal with any honking and packed corners. You can travel to locations close to Garhi Cantt, Kimadi, Old Mussoorie Road, Bidholi, Raipur, Vasant Vihar, FRI, Mussoorie Road, etc.

Lush Greenery

lush greenery

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Every time you visit Dehradun, you'll notice that the city is surrounded by lush, verdant surroundings that enhance its brightness, beauty, and vibrancy. Even if the town's industrial and outlying districts are becoming concrete jungles, the city nevertheless retains some of its original character. The Himalayan mountains, including the Queen of Hills—Mussoorie—that tower over the entire town from a distance, are the nicest feature of living in Dehradun. If you visit Dehradun and have never been to Mussoorie, simply climb onto the roof of any structure, and presto! Mussoorie is right in front of you.

Comfortable Cost Of Living


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Even though times have changed, compared to metropolises, Dehradun still offers reasonably priced housing. In Dehradun, the cost of living is incredibly low. Both the cost of travel and the cost of renting an apartment are lower. While renting an apartment in a luxurious colony, you might occasionally have to spend a bit more, but you get to live surrounded by nature in a pristine setting that is well worth the money.

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