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10 Reasons why Dehradun is ideal for backpackers in India

10 Reasons why Dehradun is ideal for backpackers in India

By Ruchi Joshi

26 Mar, 2023

One who comes to Doon, stays in Doon!

So pack your backpacks and get on the most unforgettable journey that you will ever have. But where? To Dehradun. The capital of Uttarakhand, located in the lap of Shivalik and the Himalayan mountain range, Dehradun is bestowed with unparalleled beauty and the charisma of nature. It is also popular as the 'educational hub of India' with Doon School, Welham School for Girls, Welham School for Boys, Indian Military Academy, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, etc to name a few. Wasn't 'Student of the year' set in Dehradun? Yes, and on that note let's see what makes this location so amazing.

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Here Are A Few Reasons That Make Dehradun Ideal For Backpackers In India -  

1. Take A Prideful Stride

army in dehradun

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Dehradun is home to one of the premier institutes in India - the Indian Military Academy. The main building of IMA is known as Chetwode Hall. It is named after Field Marshal Sir Philip Chetwode who was the Commander-in-Chief of India when the academy was founded in 1932. You can visit a museum and war memorial in the IMA with special permission or attend the graduation day of the cadets as it is open to the general public as well. When you visit, you will understand the war history of our country and learn about the backstories of the many brave hearts who fought for the nation.

2. Get Exposed To Art And Culture

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Dehradun has its own unique lifestyle, culture and art. As it is a part of the Garhwal region, you will predominantly find the traditions and customs of the Garhwali people in this region. But the diversity is quite evident if you observe. There is a popular Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple which is carved out into a cave. You can experience Tibetan culture and Buddhism during your visit to Budhha temple; popularly known as Mindrolling Monastery. The 220-ft tall stupa at the monastery is a sight to behold. Dehradun also has some of the best art galleries in India. You can explore Ajanta Kala Kendra, Roop Rekha Art School, etc. when in this beautiful town.

3. Let Nature Beguile You

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There is no doubt that Dehradun is blessed with a wealth of greenery. The diverse scenic landscape offers you the ultimate peace and breath of fresh air that you lack in the big city life. A walk in the Forest Research Institute is one that you should absolutely not miss. It was established in 1906 by Britishers and it has been dedicated to the preservation of flora and fauna in India. It'd be an experience full of pleasure to get to know a myriad of species of plants and flowers. For a sweet little picnic amidst nature, you can go to Lachhiwala. It will make sure your day out becomes memorable.

4. Rich Fauna

rajaji national park in dehradun

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Not only is Dehradun rich in its flora but also in its fauna. Rajaji National Park; situated in the lap of the Himalayan range is home to numerous endangered wildlife of India. A jungle safari will lead you into the world of the wild where you get to see the animals and birds, predators and prey living life together and following the rules of nature. It is quite an exploration. You can spot elephants, tigers, panthers, spotted deer, sambhar deer, wild boar, barking deer and over 400 species of birds. Malsi Deer Park, which is surrounded by the Malsi Reserve Forest, is yet another nice picnic and sightseeing spot where you can find deer, Indian antelopes and peacocks in their natural habitat.

5. Lip-Smacking Street Food

food in dehradun

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Now obviously after all the fun exploration, you will end up craving tasty food. Head to Hanuman Chowk or Chetan Pooriwala for the best poori thali you'll ever have. If you are a sweet tooth, after the heavenly meal you should try Rasmalai served in kullars from Kumar Sweet Shop. Then there are momos, bun-tikki, bread pakoras and much more. If you are a street food lover and a big foodie you can check out Chaat Wali Gali and Paltan Bazaar to satiate the hunger monster.

Pro tip: Gaylord Ice Cream Parlour near Clock Tower serves some of the best ice creams in Dehradun at very affordable prices. Don't deny till you try! They're delectable.

6. Find The Robbers Underground

robbers cave in dehradun

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Let's come to the most famous tourist destination in Dehradun - Robber's Cave. Also known as Gucchu Paani, it is a natural river cave in the Himalayas. Once you enter and walk inside the cave you will find a 10 m high waterfall. Make sure you are dressed comfortably as you will be walking in the cave with a river which gets narrower as you go ahead. The whole experience of Robber's Cave is wonderful from start to end. It is a natural marvel that one must definitely check out. Wondering why it is called Robber's Cave? During British rule, thieves used to hide in the cave after the robbery and hence this iconic name. Intriguing, isn't it?

7. Ropeway Ahoy!

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You would be thinking what could be more beautiful than a waterfall and river inside a cave but there is something equally mesmerizing and breathtaking for you to visit in Dehradun. Sahastradhara is a scenic spot where there are numerous waterfalls with drips from limestone stalactites. Due to this, there is a considerable amount of sulphur in the springs and it is believed that it helps anyone with skin ailments or bone and muscle pains to heal by taking a dip in it. The panoramic view of Sahastradhara and its surroundings feel like something out of the world. You can enjoy this view from the mountain top. There is also a ropeway ride available which adds the cherry on this scenic cake.

8. Shopper's Den

shopping in dehradun

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The beautiful town of Dehradun has got some really cool shopping places and markets that you can check out on your next trip. Definitely head over to Paltan Bazaar. You will find antiques, secondhand books, pahadi handicrafts and clothes at reasonable and affordable rates. Similarly, the quality of woollen and warm clothes is extremely good in Dehradun, India. You can buy them from the Tibetan market along with handicrafts, tribal jewellery etc. While returning, bring back beautiful and elegant pashminas. To buy local spices you can visit Arhat Bazaar. From Gandhi Road market you can get wooden and brass statues and souvenirs for your friends and family.

9. Find Your Spiritual Side

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Surrounded by pleasant nature and its gifts, spirituality will come easily to you and when it does you should visit Tapovan. On the banks of river Ganga and surrounded by forest is Tapovan where you can sit, relax, reflect and meditate. According to legends, Guru Dronacharya did his penance at the Tapovan temple. A little bit of trekking and you can reach the temple. You will feel connected to nature, to the creator and to this universe. Take in the serenity and breathe in the fresh air as you are mesmerized by wooded willows. Experience solitude at its best when you travel to Dehradun in India.

10. Take Your Camera On A Walk

nature walk in dehradun

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Capture the beauty and your experience with and around Dehradun and its people. All those enchanting views and scenic beauty that you want to take back home can be captured through your cameras. If you are a photography enthusiast then Dehradun is nothing short of a paradise for you as you will get to click not only the beauty of nature but also the culture, the vibrancy and the diverse wildlife. Being a backpacker in India, recording your experience is no less than a ritual. Keep your camera rolls ready to witness heaven on earth in form of Dehradun, a paradise for every backpacker in India.

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